Roseanne and the dangers of social media controversy

Roseanne Barr has seen her TV show cancelled after making racist comments on Twitter. However, she isn’t the only person to see the consequences of social media controversy. The big celebrity news of the last few weeks, besides the bizarre announcement that Donald Trump was meeting none other than Kim Kardashian to discuss prison reform - the less said about that, the better - has been the Roseanne Barr social media controversy. The outspoken US comedian and star of Roseanne [...]

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Start-up social media – why not to copy big business

It can be tempting to draw inspiration from the biggest names in your field, but when it comes to marketing you need a completely different playbook for start-up social media. There is no rulebook when it comes to promoting a business on social media, for good reason. Every organisation has different needs and a diverse audience, so hard-and-fast rules wouldn’t work for the vast majority of companies. However, that doesn’t stop many small businesses drawing inspiration from the major firms [...]

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How to identify trends on social media

If you’re trying to promote your business, it can be useful to comment on the latest social media trends. However, in order to do this, first you have to learn how to identify them. A good part of any social media marketing strategy is to comment on a trending topic that’s relevant to your industry, or go one step further and use those social media trends to market your business. Doing so gets your company involved in a busy discussion, [...]

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Visual social media – does it impact shopping habits?

Pinterest, Instagram and other visual social media have been rising in popularity for a while, but how are they changing the way we shop online? Human beings are visual creatures, and seeing something attractive is one of the best ways to get us interested. This is part of the reason why visual social media like Instagram and Pinterest have grown in popularity so quickly; sometimes it’s great to log on and see things that look nice! However, are they actually [...]

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Kids for Privacy fights for social media child safety

The Kids For Privacy campaign has identified over 100 hashtags that could be putting children in danger, and aims to help parents be more careful about social media child safety through what they share online. If it seems like your social media accounts are filling up with pictures of your friends’ babies, then you’re probably not wrong. It turns out that, by the age of two, around 90 per cent of children have a social media presence. While this can [...]

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Vero – what is it and why is everyone talking about it?

There’s a new app making waves in the social media world but what do you need to know and should you get on it? Vero is a brand new app that has seemingly come from nowhere. But what does your business need to know and should you create an account? It’s set to rival Instagram and even Facebook whether or not this comes into fruition or not (social media can change in a heartbeat), it’s wise to know what exactly it [...]

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Facebook Collections – managing curated content

Sharing content online is one of the most effective ways you can engage with your audience but did you know Facebook Collections could make your job easier? For most of its users, Facebook is a great way to stay in touch with friends and family all over the world but there’s also a massive potential for businesses. Companies often think that setting up a Facebook page is the best thing they can do, unless they’re willing to invest large budgets [...]

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Twitter photo shake-up – what it means for you

The Twitter photo shake-up has made considerable changes to the way it displays photos but would you notice it? Most users won’t but here’s why you should. We all look at countless images on social media every single day but few of us probably ever stop to consider how they are being showed to us. In the company's recent Engineering blogpost from researchers Lucas Theis and Zehan Wang, it was announced that the Twitter photo shake-up aims to drastically alter [...]

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8 Social Media Accounts to follow in 2018

Knowing which accounts to follow can make a big difference to your professional networking on social media in 2018. Following the right social media accounts is a key part of executing the right strategy, as well as helping make your time online more enjoyable. But who should you be looking out for in the big wide world of social media? Eve Mayer @LinkedInQueen If you want to explore more of what LinkedIn has to offer for your business, then you’ll [...]

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Images for social media – what’s best for business?

With images increasing the level of engagement, you need to ensure yours are hitting the right mark and reflecting your brand on social media. Images are incredibly important in any digital marketing, increasing engagement significantly. Choosing images for social media is even more crucial as you only have a limited amount of space - and time - to get people’s attention. So what do you need to know to about images and social media? Facebook Many businesses have Facebook pages [...]

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