3 ways to improve your Facebook Marketing

As the largest social network in the world, it’s hard to ignore Facebook, especially if you are planning a marketing campaign. Facebook marketing has evolved slowly but steadily over the past few years and it’s important that you and your marketers don’t get left behind when it comes to the changes. So how can you make sure your Facebook marketing is hitting the mark in 2017? Here are three simple ways to improve your results: Create a saved audience If [...]

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Social media predictions for 2017

Understanding how social is going to change over the next year will help you get ahead of upcoming trends, maybe our social media predictions will help you. Social media is almost constantly changing and evolving and it’s important that businesses stay up to date with these if they want to develop an effective marketing strategy. It’s not just what channels you use to engage with social media users, but it’s also about the content you are putting out there and [...]

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Social Media tips – Resolutions for 2017

Start the new year off as you mean to go on by using these simple but effective social tips to make the most out of your online activity. The new year is a great opportunity to make sure you are using social media in the best way possible. By following these simple resolutions, you can help ensure your marketing strategy is more effective in 2017. Refine your platforms It seems that there’s an almost constant surge of new social media [...]

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What social media activity can tell us about business in 2017

Social media activity can tell us a lot about business and how you can be successful in the year ahead. Social media is important for business in a number of ways. Whether you use multiple channels or are loyal to just one, social can help you engage with your audience and develop your brand’s authority. However, activity on social media can also help us to predict what will important to business in the near future. Here is what social can [...]

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Social media trends to watch out for in 2017

Social media is an almost constantly evolving tool that can be used to inform you about your audience, develop a marketing strategy or help your engage with your consumers. However, because it is an area that can so quickly change, it’s important that you stay on top of the latest trends and emerging platforms. Here are some of the things you should watch out for in 2017 as they could have a heavy impact on your social media success: Augmented [...]

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Three digital marketing mistakes to avoid

Sometimes, it can be easy to ruin a marketing campaign with a few simple mistakes. Here are the most common ones to avoid. Sometimes, the most well-planned, eagerly executed digital marketing campaign can fall flat, and it’s not always easy to see why. You might think you’re doing everything right, only to experience underwhelming results. Quite often, this is the result of one or two simple - but common - mistakes. Digital marketers need to ensure they don’t fall foul [...]

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Working out your target audience for social media

With so much generic content out there, it is easy for marketing to be ineffective. This is especially true on social media, where algorithms like Facebook’s only show users what is relevant to them based on their previous activity. For this reason, blanket marketing techniques tend not to work as well as targeted campaigns do. However, to run such a campaign it is necessary to have a good idea of who your audience is; after all, without this you won’t [...]

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#Emergency: How social media has come to the rescue

Police, fire and ambulance services are all finding new uses for social media in order to save both resources and lives. A lot of criticism has been levelled at social media, often (unfairly) claiming it has made the latest generation self-obsessed and shallow. However, all of these ignore the good that the technology can do. Social media has improved many lives, and in some cases has even saved them. The emergency services have been able to make great use of [...]

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Could being a millennial help you get a job online?

Millennials have an advantage over many other groups when it comes to building their careers, as they are typically the best at using social media. Millennials - also known as Generation Y - are a much-maligned group. There are lots of stereotypes about entitled youths who only care about selfies and hipster beards, which all seem to miss the fact that the people born in the 1980s and 1990s are some of the most creative, innovative minds around. Nevertheless, millennials [...]

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How to get the most out of your social data

Social media can produce a lot of interesting data, but extracting useful insights out of it can be harder than you might think. Any brand with a social media account will have access to some kind of data. Facebook and Twitter both have their own analytics software, and there are plenty of third-party services that allow you to sift through the information to find something valuable. ‘Social listening’, as it is called, can be an excellent tool for uncovering who [...]

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