Images for social media – what’s best for business?

With images increasing the level of engagement, you need to ensure yours are hitting the right mark and reflecting your brand on social media. Images are incredibly important in any digital marketing, increasing engagement significantly. Choosing images for social media is even more crucial as you only have a limited amount of space - and time - to get people’s attention. So what do you need to know to about images and social media? Facebook Many businesses have Facebook pages [...]

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How to decide on your tone for your social media

One of the toughest things about being active on social media is finding and adopting the right tone for your business. It’s also one of the things that causes the biggest social media faux pas when companies don’t stick to the tone that is appropriate for their business. Whether you’re using it on social media, a blog or your website, getting the wrong tone risks alienating your target audience, as well as increasing the chance of making some professional blunders [...]

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How to get your blog seen using twitter: Driving traffic to content

Whether you love or hate it, no one can get away from the fact that social media has a massive impact on a business. From driving new leads, to helping reach your audience and even helping rebrand or change public perceptions of your company, social media can be an extremely useful resource for businesses of all sizes. One of the most popular and most useful for companies is Twitter. The 140-character micro-blogging site has come a long way since it [...]

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5 reasons you should care about social media when looking for a job

Although you may not think about it straight away, social media has substantially changed the way people look for and apply for jobs. From searching for a role to the actual application process - and even showcasing your skills while in your job, to help you take the next step when you’re ready - the world of employment has changed under the reign of social media. However, if you are just entering the job market or are looking for a [...]

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