Vero – what is it and why is everyone talking about it?

There’s a new app making waves in the social media world but what do you need to know and should you get on it? Vero is a brand new app that has seemingly come from nowhere. But what does your business need to know and should you create an account? It’s set to rival Instagram and even Facebook whether or not this comes into fruition or not (social media can change in a heartbeat), it’s wise to know what exactly it [...]

2018-04-17T14:38:47+01:00March 20th, 2018|Online ads|

5 ways to boost your social media presence

Creating social media accounts is simple enough, but building them to influence your audience is much more of a challenge. Having an influence online, and being able to use social media to engage with your audience involves much more than simply setting up accounts on different channels. Of course it’s important to stay active, but you need to do more than post regularly to make sure your social media presence is effective and relevant for your target audience. Here are [...]

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